Co-creation workshop

A collaborative workshop with representatives of the various organisations composing the non-governmental organisation BBBeyond. for the creation of Toolkits.

What is a co-creation workshop?

A co-creation workshop is a working session during which the project stakeholders meet around a table to accomplish common objectives. The aim of this collaborative meeting is to find solutions together that are tailored to the graphic design project  and to determine the specific needs of the client, during the workshop. In other words, a co-creation workshop transforms a simple briefing into a substantial  collective brainstorming session.

On the same wavelength

Does your project bring together several contributors? A team, service providers, a network, project manager, line management? It is important to be able to glean how each participant is feeling. The co-creation workshop is a way of brainstorming the elements necessary for the request. Depending on the graphic design project, I propose different tools and exercises: these help me to better ascertain your needs. This co-creation workshop is the ideal opportunity to ensure that everyone is on the same wavelength.

The advantages of a collaborative workshop

  • Collective creativity
  • Collective intelligence
  • New ideas
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Methods from Design Thinking
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • General consensus

Would a co-creation workshop be suitable for my project?

If you would like to launch powerful and innovative products or services on the market, then a co-creation workshop is ideal. This session helps the print graphic designer to better target your expectations, create a mood board together, define formats that will be necessary to achieve an approved product or service, ready to be adopted.

What are the alternatives?

Is your project simple? With just a few participants? No problem! We don’t always need to organise a co-creation workshop. I also host briefing & brainstorming sessions, faster and more straightforward, to discuss your graphic design project. This meeting enables me to gauge your desires, consider initial leads and brainstorm. After this meeting, design solutions will begin to emerge.

If, on the other hand, your project is more complex and you would like to go further in the reflection process, including the end user and prototype stage, I can support you in a Design Thinking process.

Co-creation workshop process

The co-creation workshop is a collaborative workshop led by the print graphic designer that lasts two to three hours and brings together all project stakeholders.

How does co-creation workshop process work?

This workshop can be adapted to on-line


IntrodIntroduction to graphic design
uction au graphisme

Presentation of certain elements of graphic design in order to have a shared starting point



Discussion about your organisation, your project, your audience and your objectives


Workshop adapted to the type of project

Exercises depending on the needs of the project and group. For example: definition of persona, KISS, user journey, etc.


Creating a mood board

Discussion regarding the aesthetic aspect of the finished product on the basis of examples offered by each party

Visual translation

This type of workshop provides a wealth of information and draws out a clear vision of your expectations. When I begin working on the graphic content and/or the mock-up for your project, it is simply a question of me undertaking a “visual translation” of what has been said. Collective brainstorming makes it possible to get it right and directly create an exciting graphic design proposal, in line with your objectives.

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