Claire Allard, a socially conscious graphic designer

Collaboration with a client in Hawaii and another in Washington D.C. : we became time-zone pros!

Behind Studio klär.graphics — established in 2015 — is me, Claire Allard, a print graphic designer in Brussels. Occasionally supported by an intern or super-associate, I work with socially conscious organisations, mainly in the fields of feminism, equal opportunities and sustainable development.

My objective? Help you to communicate better by getting your educational, informative or awareness messages across more effectively. I create layouts for complex documents and convert them into digestible, effective and, of course, aesthetically pleasing media. The “Wow” factor is a concept I believe to be important.

Originally from Brussels, I lived in Germany for several years, in Bonn. I adore Warsaw where I spent my Erasmus placement. My love for data visualisation is bordering on obsessive and I like listening to podcasts while working. Backpacking is my favourite way to travel. Ideally using slower means of transport such as trains or boats, but you’re unlikely to see me on a bike, balance isn’t one of my strong suits!

I’m known as a unifying connector, and it’s true: I like putting people in contact and supporting connections.

Claire Allard plays her part

I endeavour, through graphic design, to help make the world a better place. This is why I choose to participate in projects that I am proud to support. I work with organisations (non-profit, local or regional services, companies) which share my social and environmental values, my love of  culture and travel… or my weaknesses for certain delicacies! Perhaps on a lesser scale than feminism or ecology, beer and chocolate also make the world a nicer place, right?

Values such as social and/or environmental impact, inclusion, listening, organisation, creativity, meticulousness, proactiveness and collaboration are all dear to me. I like to incorporate them on a daily basis, in my work as a print graphic designer.

Here I am participating in an event in which the European Green Party asked me to design the campaign #DivestEurope from fossil fuels

Brainstorming for the preparation of a tender with the illustrator Sophie Le Grelle

Claire Allard and partners

Through my creative work, I have been fortunate to develop strong partnerships with printers. As a result, I am able to offer a complete graphic design service, right through to the finished product. My knowledge of different print techniques (cutting, folding, inks, binding) makes it possible for me to consider formats and materials ahead of creating original, high-quality graphic tools.

Do you have a substantial project? I love to surround myself with professionals to form a solid team. I have a contact base that includes illustrators, photographers, geographers, copywriters, service designers, interior architects and web designers.

Co-creation workshops

I like to work with my clients rather than for them. I’m also trained in collective intelligence (2018) and Design Thinking (2021). When the project lends itself to it, I suggest co-creation brainstorming sessions rather than simple briefings. This method leads to another dimension in terms of collaboration. It helps to ensure that the final product really corresponds to the needs of the client and their target audience.

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Facilitation of a go-green weekend for the MuseomixBE organisational team

How does the collaboration process actually work?

Are you looking for page layout work? Working on exhibition or event graphics? Creation of illustrated mapping? Here’s the contact and quote process explained:


To start off, make an appointment on Calendly, a system which is directly linked to my diary. Give a brief outline of your enquiry.


I’ll call you for a 30-minute initial chat to get to grips with your requirements. This way, we’ll see if I’m the right person for your project. If necessary, we can schedule another hour-long meeting to hone in on your needs.


I will then submit a quote.


Once the quote is accepted, we will draw up a contract to establish the task, schedule and method of working.

Please contact us!

Fill out the quote request form and we can discuss your project.

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