What method will you choose?

To create the best framework for your graphic design project, I offer three types of support: simple briefing, co-creation workshop or a more comprehensive Design Thinking process. Which methodology will best suit your requirements?
Le carnet est le premier outil pour un briefing graphique

Briefing & Brainstorming

At a briefing session we will establish your expectation. This is the ideal method if you already have a clear idea of the project outline and you already have a graphic charter.

This can be done by video conference.
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Co-creation workshop

Do you need my advanced support? A co-creation workshop transforms a simple brief into a substantial collective brainstorming session. This workshop, which provides a wealth of information, draws out a clear vision of your expectations and requirements.

This can be done by video conference.

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session de brainstorming et co création

Prototype of a set of dice to be assembled without scissors or glue to break the ice at networking events.

Design Thinking

The Design Thinking process is an even more comprehensive method. This innovation management method can take place over several months. It makes it possible to launch powerful and innovative products onto the market. This process is based on the end users and makes it possible to better target their expectations, create prototypes and test them in order to create an approved product ready to be adopted.

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And for your project, what type of workshop would you require?

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