Roots Store

Roots Store is Brussels’ first and only organic, local, 100% circular farm shop, stocking straight from the producers! In this shop, traceability is key. They know exactly where our products come from and who made them. In a nutshell, they know their Roots.The shop opened in March 2017

The 100% circular shop builds on 4 strong and different bases:
1/ Short food supply chains
2/ “Zero waste, zero obsolescence”
3/ Decentralised management of organic waste / composting
4/ Helping savvy shoppers get to know each other

The logo has been designed in close partnership with the clients. In short: they knew exactly what they wanted and I’ve designed what they had in mind. We took the ‘O’s from ROOTS and used them to express our 2 key values. The first ‘O’ is a radish. This vegetable is pretty easy to grow, even for absolute beginners. The second ‘O’ is a closed circle. It represents a new economic model called ‘the circular economy’. The aim is to follow a healthy lifestyle, for us and the environment, by reducing waste.

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