Papier Machine is a bi-annual publication. For each new issue, the editorial board chooses one word that will become the main theme. For Papier Machine issue no. 9, which I had the pleasure of designing, that word was “Plateau” (French for tray or board, but also plateau or a film set).

All types of content contributed to the journal – like texts, illustrations or visuals – are carefully selected by the editorial board. Each issue is then layouted by an ever changing graphic designer. Although the layout has a clear grid, it is adapted by the designer to highlight the content and the theme. The editorial board always asks the designers to put “a bit of themselves” in the design; which is why I decided to use data visualisation (a small passion of mine) throughout the publication. You can find three sets of data visualisation: on the cover, for each article and for each of the three sections. The visualisations are related to the texts and images but also to some other, more funky elements. You will understand quickly that we were not taking ourselves too seriously in this publication, where the wordplay reigns supreme.