It’s Not That Grey – a guide to counter sexual harassment

For this project I have worked hand in hand with Sara Hassan & Juliette Sanchez-Lambert from the Brussels based women’s* solidarity network called Period.  They have broke down and analysed hundreds of stories of sexual harassment, and came to a conclusion: women*’s collective history of violence and trauma can be turned into tools to navigate this patriarchal world.

“It’s Not That Grey” deconstructs the so-called “grey zone” of sexual harassment by giving concrete tools to identify, bust myths around it and fight harassment. It’s a practical guide navigating the twilight of harassment.

Balancing the theoretical and practical parts of the book we choose to make it easy to handle. We wanted to make sure that the readers wouldn’t hesitate to write on it, take notes and use it during workshops. The ring binding, offset paper and handwritten font help to this end.

Download the guide for free

Why free? Because the authors want this public interest knowledge to reach as many people as possible.

Juliette Sanchez-Lambert & Sara Hassan, authors of “It’s not that grey”