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You have gone out of your way to write good content that you know will inspire, raise awareness and inform your audience. Now, how can you make sure that these texts will be read, appreciated and shared as intended? A good layout is one of the key ingredients, as is careful consideration of the medium that will be used. I love to create that special combination that provides the “wow” factor.

Through graphic design, I wish to contribute to a better world, which is why I choose to collaborate on projects that I am proud to be part of. I work with organisations that share my social and environmental values, my love of culture and tourism or my weakness for certain foods (on a smaller scale than feminism, beer and chocolate also make the world a sweeter place, don’t they?).

The studio klär.graphics was founded in 2015. My regular creative collaborations have enabled me to develop solid partnerships with printers and so I’m able to offer a complete service, right up to the finished product. My knowledge of various printing, cutting and folding techniques enables me to consider formats and materials upstream, to create original, quality products. I relish the opportunity to work with my clients rather than for them, and I have been learning to work in collective intelligence since 2018. I’m able to offer co-creation brainstorming for suitable projects, instead of just a standard briefing, which brings out a whole new dimension in our collaboration.

It’s mainly myself, Claire Allard, behind the studio – accompanied from time to time by trainees and some fantastic collaborators. I’m from Brussels and lived for a few years in Bonn, Germany; I also have unconditional love for Warsaw where I completed my Erasmus Programme. I have a mild obsession with data visualisation, and enjoy listening to podcasts while I work. I love to travel, with a rucksack on my back, using slower modes of transport as far as possible (but don’t expect to see me on a bike!). I have been described as a unifying force, and it’s true that I like to bring people together and help make connections.

By now you should have an idea of who I am and what I do. If you would like to discuss your project with me, please make a telephone appointment via the link below.

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Small selection of what I can do for you:
→ leaflets
→ toolkits
→ games
→ tools (education, co-creation, etc.)
→ folders
→ books
→ annual reports
→ packagings
→ exhibitions
→ events

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