Pin Pon

Pin Pon is a restaurant situated in an old fire station in the Marolles, a popular historic neighborhood of Brussels. The owners decided to change their classic restaurant into a top-notch snack bar. Pin Pon charged the agency Bonjour, with whom I collaborated, to renew their visual identity while keeping their already famous logo.

As Pin Pon is working with local producers and providers, serving typical snack food, and being located in the middle of a place famous for its flea market, we decided to work with illustrations and anecdotes to bring out these local ties. While studying the menu you will learn for example about the origines of the word “mitraillette” (literally machine gun, the name of our famous sandwich filled with… fries), the work of the architect of Pim Pom’s building or even my very personnal interpretation of how to share a waffle. With a menu like that, you won’t catch anybody on their phone…except maybe to take a picture!


©Pin Pon ©Pin Pon


©Pin Pon